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SCOTTISH First Minister Nicola Sturgeon yesterday warned Prime Minister David Cameron that a Brexit could spark another indep­en­d­ence referendum north of the border.

The leader of the separatist Scottish National Party Thursday played down the chance of a new independence referendum anytime soon as her party gathered to build momentum for vital elections in May, AFP reports.

Following Scotland’s vote by 55 percent to 45 percent to stay in the last year’s referendum, disappointed pro-independence voters flocked to the SNP’s flag, helping it to win 56 out of Scotland’s 59 seats in the House of Commons in London in May this year.

But while trying reassure half the country that they are not entering “neverendum” land with the SNP, she has clearly signalled that within months of winning office she could be preparing for a second referendum vote.

She added: ” We must convince the people of this country that I will be the best First Minister, that we are the best team, and that we have the best policies and the best vision to lead Scotland confidently into the next decade”.

When she stands up to address the largest SNP conference in history, Ms Sturgeon will give a presidential-style address promising to serve Scotland with imagination, courage, humility and to the best of her ability. Nothing to do with us, they said.

Ms Sturgeon said she would be campaigning for Britain to retain its membership of the EU.

“Something has to change fundamentally so that the constitutional conditions are not the same as they were when we tested them a year ago”.

“I hope it’s very soon, at least before I go to university in two to three years”, said Kayley Davidson, a 17-year-old swimming teacher.

“But over these last few weeks, it has become glaringly obvious that he is unable to unite his party on any of the big issues of our day”.

While delegates are expected to commend the Scottish Government on its recent decision to place a moratorium on Underground Coal Gasification, SNP members are also expected to urge the Scottish Government to turn the moratoria on unconventional fossil fuels into full and permanent bans.

The SNP has positioned itself as a strong opposition against Cameron’s austerity programme, occupying the social democratic political stance once monopolised by the Labour party, now in disarray after electoral defeat and the rise of radical new leader Jeremy Corbyn. Just think of what she and Angus Robertson will say after the Trident vote.

The SNP leader will use the speech at the end of her party’s conference in Aberdeen to make clear that she wants Britain to remain part of the European community.

“Tax credit cuts for the lowest paid, repeal of the human rights act, attacks on trade union freedoms and disgracefully divisive language on immigration… this is not a Tory government moving to the centre”.

Opponents who have struggled to land a blow on the SNP are rubbing their hands, confident that the notion of a property dealer profiting at the expense of vulnerable people resonates strongly with the public.